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Your Companion for Korean Treatment

Accessing medical services in a foreign country can be daunting. This is precisely why we, at Himedi, are dedicated to ensuring that our international customers—who have made the brave decision to seek treatment in Korea—receive an exceptional experience. Our aim with the 'Himedi Service' is to guide you with ease and assurance from the moment you consider to come to Korea until the time you're back home. It's all about earning your trust and providing comfort throughout your journey with Himedi.

Customer Challenges


Which hospital is right for me ?


Will I be overwhelmed with all the issues I need to consider, like arranging for a medical interpreter and finding accommodations ?


Could language and cultural differences pose a problem ?

We are well-aware of the concerns you may face.

Throughout Your Full Journey

We chose to provide services tailored to every step of your journey. We anticipate any difficulties you might face and ensure we deliver the right services when and where they are needed. All that is left for you is to enjoy a seamless and comfortable medical experience in Korea with Himedi.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Before Arrival
Medical Care
and Stay in Korea
After Departure
Hospital Recommendation and Reservation
Telemedicine with Korean Specialists
Consultation with Himedi Doctors
Visa Issuance Support
Accommodation Recommendation and Reservation
Airport Limousine Reservation
Medical Appointment Management
Medical Interpretation
Shopping and Tour
Daily Living Convenience
Medical Record Proxy Issuance
Proxy Examination and Prescription
Medication Delivery Service
Telemedicine with Korean Specialists

Before Arrival

The importance of choosing the right hospital cannot be overstated. We deeply understand this and offer various services to assist you in finding and booking the appropriate medical facility. We recommend suitable hospitals based on your unique condition and needs, aiming to minimize the time you spend searching for information and to maximize your treatment outcomes. If you wish to consult a Korean specialist ahead of your visit, cross-border telemedicine is available. Additionally, we offer opportunities for direct consultations with Himedi doctors.

Medical Care and Stay in Korea

During your time in Korea, our utmost priority is to create an environment that allows you to fully focus on your treatment.
We'll guide you through the ins and outs of your first hospital visit, providing you with essential details on when to go,
how to get there, and what to bring along. Rest assured, the skilled medical interpreters will be there to ensure seamless communication between you and your medical team. When it comes to aspects beyond medical care, we take into account each customer's unique preferences. Some individuals prefer comprehensive care throughout their entire stay, while others prefer a minimal level of assistance.
Regardless of your preference, we can offer professional support in all areas you may need, including visa assistance, transportation arrangements, accommodation recommendations, shopping guidance, and even tourism suggestions.

After Departure

The journey with Himedi continues even after you have completed your treatment in Korea and returned to your home country.
We understand the importance of maintaining continuity in medical services, recognizing that it may not always be feasible for you to revisit Korea. If you require the medication prescribed during your time in Korea, Himedi will ensure its delivery directly to your location.
Additionally, you have the option to receive post-care services through telemedicine with the Korean specialist involved in your care.

Now, enjoy easy and convenient access
to Korea medical care.

Experience Himedi Up Close

Himedi has local offices in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and Almaty, Kazakhstan, where our team of medical doctors and coordinators are available to assist you. You can reach out to our office directly to consult about your treatment in Korea.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

БЗД 13-р хороолол / 13374 / манлайбаатар дамдинсүрэн гудамж 83 / 1 байр 406 тоот
(UB Tower Plus)
(+976)  7711  7022
몽골 사무소_인테리어.png
몽골 사무소_오티님.png
If you are considering treatment in Korea,
feel free to ask us for any information!
Otgontsetseg  Myagmar

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Представительство Himedi, БЦ K-plaza, 1 этаж, Шашкина 24, Алматы
+7  (727)  355  09  79
카자흐스탄 사무소_인테리어.png
카자흐스탄 사무소_누르트간님.png
We are here to assist customers from Kazakhstan and CIS in their medical tourism journey to Korea. Please feel free
to reach out to us for any assistance.
Nurtugan Zhassaral  Head of Kazakhstan office
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