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Choose Korean Medical Services

Experience South Korea's advanced medical technology and exceptional medical professionals.

Your waiting time for medical services is reduced, and satisfaction and outcomes are heightened.

Himedi is here to assist you at every step, ensuring you fully enjoy the value of Korean healthcare.


Point 1

No.1 Medical Tourim Company

By partnering with over 140 top Korean hospitals, we connect you to all medical services, from beauty to cancer care.

With a team of over 100 professional medical interpreters, associations with over 50 accommodation providers,

and partnerships with 5 mobility companies, we assisted tens of thousands of international customers to conveniently utilize Korean healthcare.


Point 2

Enthusiasts of the Korean Medical Industry

The Korean medical industry has attracted the most talented individuals, making significant strides over the past decades. Coupled with the efficient national healthcare system, it has achieved a cost-effective medical industry structure.

The advancement of the cultural industry has catalyzed the birth of a medical beauty market on a globlal scale.

Himedi, based on a deep understanding of this Korean medical industry, recommends it to international customers.


Point 3

Through the Eyes of Our International Customers

Having dedicated ourselves to the medical tourism business for the past 8 years, we've observed numerous customers utilizing Korean healthcare. From the moment they consider Korean medical services to the time they finish their treatment and return to their home country, we understand the concerns and inconveniences they face better than anyone else.

We strive to resolve these issues, aiding our customers to comfortably enjoy their healthcare services.


Point 4

Embracing Challenges: The DNA of a Tech Startup

Himedi is at the forefront of revolutionizing the medical tourism industry through digital technology.

Our technology puts customers first and serves as a means to solve their difficulties. Grounded in the 'challenge DNA', we fearlessly embrace new technologies when we believe they can enhance the customer experience.

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