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Rising Global Trend ‘K-Beauty’: the Global Standard

In 2023, around 305,000 people from other countries came to Korea for medical services, which was more than nine times higher than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all of these visitors, about 99.3%, went to see dermatologists and plastic surgeons, showing a big interest in Korean beauty procedures. During the pandemic, the popularity of ‘K-Beauty’ grew even more thanks to online content, attracting more tourists to Korea for beauty and plastic surgery.

Indian Actress Janbi Kapur’s Before and After Pictures with Korean Makeup

@source: Maeil Shinmun, [Khan Apjal Ahmed’s Now India] ‘Korean Medical Technology’ that captivated Indians, published on Jan 3, 2024

Beauty tourism has become popular lately, especially among women, offering satisfying treatments at affordable prices. People from different countries, not just Japan, like the United States and Arab countries, have been enjoying this trend. Despite being medically advanced, the concept of beauty tourism remains relatively unfamiliar in countries like the United States, where dermatologists primarily focus on treating skin cancer. In contrast, Korea has been pioneering skincare models, integrating techniques like blemish removal laser treatments with vitamin C whitening care since the late 1990s. Innovations such as laser acne treatment paired with skin scaling also have undergone significant advancements. Denise Snyder, who experienced crystal peeling and oxygen skincare during a ‘K-Beauty’ tour, remarked “Having previously engaged in medical tourism in Thailand, I now see Korea as a preferred destination due to its pristine facilities, hospitable service, and cutting-edge equipment.” She even plans to come back for more treatment. ‘K-Beauty’ treatments have the allure of their non-invasive nature, akin to receiving a relaxing massage for about an hour with virtually no post-treatment traces. Korea has become a go-to place for people who want to look like Korean celebrities through plastic surgery because the availability of dermatological procedures tailored to manage post-surgical swelling proves to be an invaluable option.


The beauty technology in Korea has grown a lot, making it easy for people

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