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Korean Hospitals Specializing in Gamma Knife Surgery

Do you know about 'Gamma Knife'?

The Gamma Knife is a type of radiation therapy. While it may seem necessary to undergo a skull incision for the treatment of brain tumors and other brain diseases, the Gamma Knife completely shatters this notion. Through Gamma Knife surgery, diseases within the brain can be treated using gamma rays without the need for scalp or skull incisions. The term 'knife' in Gamma Knife does not refer to an actual knife but rather is the product name of a company called Elekta.

Diseases treatable with Gamma Knife surgery

Gamma Knife is primarily used as a surgical treatment for tumors located within the brain. It can be applied to a variety of brain diseases, including malignant and benign brain tumors, tumors measuring 3.5 cm or less, tumors that have metastasized to the brain from other organs, arteriovenous malformations, Parkinson's disease, trigeminal neuralgia, pituitary tumors, and even cervical spine tumors depending on the location.

Treatment possible with a single surgery

Conditions that previously required 30 sessions of radiation therapy can now be treated with a single Gamma Knife surgery. While most cases only require a single treatment, certain types of brain tumors or specific affected areas may require multiple treatments. Traditional radiation therapy requires multiple sessions and carries a higher risk of damaging healthy tissue. On the other hand, Gamma Knife treatment has a very low chance of damaging healthy tissue. Patients can undergo treatment comfortably without pain, and hospital discharge is possible within 1-2 days.

Are there any side effects after treatment?

Gamma Knife treatment has relatively few side effects. Common symptoms that may occur include swelling of the nerve tissues in the treated area, resulting in mild headaches, nausea, or itchiness of the scalp where the radiation passed through. These symptoms typically subside within a week. After treatment, patients can undergo MRI scans to assess the reduction in tumor size and verify the successful treatment of the affected area.

Korea's excellent Gamma Knife surgery

Korea's Gamma Knife surgery is at an international level. Since Seoul Asan Hospital became the first hospital in Asia to introduce Gamma Knife equipment in 1990, the technology has rapidly spread, and now 15 university hospitals across the country operate this equipment. With consistent development, Gamma Knife radiation therapy has been validated as a safe and highly effective treatment method. The precision, efficacy, safety, and quality of treatment have been maintained at an international standard.

Considering Gamma Knife surgery?

If you are considering whether your condition can be treated with radiation surgery, it is recommended to consult with a radiation surgery specialist without hesitation. Himedi supports telemedicine with medical professionals. A patient can have a consultation via video call with experts, and Himedi's medical coordinators can assist with interpretation between doctors and patients. You can easily obtain medical information through flawless medical interpretation.


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